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Portage Avenue (Winnipeg, Man.)

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Portage Avenue

294 0
Main Street (Winnipeg, Man.)

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Main Street

178 0
Africa 1 0
Europe 3 0
Broadway (Winnipeg, Man.)

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Broadway

37 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Fort Garry (1)

Use for: Manitoba--Fort Garry, Manitoba--Winnipeg--Fort Garry, Fort Garry

  • Refers to the former Rural Municipality of Fort Garry, not the Fort in Downtown Winnipeg.
12 0
Winnipeg (Man.). North Kildonan

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--North Kildonan, North Kildonan

19 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Transcona

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Transcona, Transcona

6 0
Winnipeg (Man.). St. Boniface

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--St. Boniface, St. Boniface

70 0
Winnipeg (Man.). St. Vital

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--St. Vital, St. Vital

22 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Charleswood

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Charleswood, Charleswood

2 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Tuxedo

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Tuxedo, Tuxedo

11 0
Winnipeg (Man.). West Kildonan

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--West Kildonan, West Kildonan

59 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Old Kildonan

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Old Kildonan, Old Kildonan

4 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Brooklands

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Brooklands, Brooklands

1 0
Winnipeg (Man.). South End

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--South End, South End

  • Encompasses the area of the pre-Unicity City of Winnipeg south of the Assiniboine River and to the North and East of the former Town of Tuxedo and Rural Municipality of Fort Garry.
310 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Elmwood

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg-Elmwood, Elmwood

  • Encompasses the area of Winnipeg east of the Red River, south of the former City of East Kildonan, north of the former City of St. Boniface, and West of the former City of Transcona.
25 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Assiniboia

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Assiniboia, Assiniboia

  • Refers to the Assiniboia region of the former City of St. James-Assiniboia.
4 0
Winnipeg (Man.). Downtown

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--Downtown, Downtown

576 0
Winnipeg (Man.). West End

Use for: Manitoba--Winnipeg--West End, West End

  • Encompasses the area of Winnipeg north of the Assiniboine River, west of the Isabel-Balmoral-Memorial-Osborne corridor, south of the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks, and east of the former City of St. James-Assiniboia.
259 0
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