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Winnipeg's last trolley bus at the Carruthers Avenue Garage

Photograph of the last trolley bus operated in Winnipeg. The bus was on route to north Main Street and McAdam Avenue, and bears the face of transit's "Transit Tom" mascot, as well as text advertising it as the last trolley bus. Left to right are Transit Division employees Don Morrison (Special Projects Officer), Robert M. Simister (Superintendent, Electrical Distribution Branch), Walter Marshal, J. A. (Tony) Painchaud (Assistant Superintendent of Transportation Operation), Roy W. Church (Manager of Transit Operations), Robert G. Ferguson (Superintendent of Schedules), and C. E. ("Ed") LaForme (Superintendent of Transportation). Information about the photograph is written on attached scrap paper. The photographer is unknown.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.). Information Officer

Bus drivers of chartered buses in costume for Canadian Bar Association Convention

Photograph of six bus drivers dressed up in suits and top hats standing in front of buses that have been chartered for the Canadian Bar Association Convention. From left to right, the bus drivers are Bill Schade, Frank Ross, Ed Clark, Jack Copeland, Grant Smith, and Ken Granait. The photographer is unknown.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.). Information Officer

Chartered bus - "Wedding Special"

Photograph of a newly married couple posing with a bus driver in front of a bus parked on Academy Road. The bus has been chartered and is decorated with a sign that says "Wedding Special" on the front. Unknown photographer.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.). Information Officer

Civic Centre Complex

A photograph of the Civic Centre Complex, Winnipeg's third city hall (1964-present). Council Building, Administration Building, and public transit bus in view. Taken from William Avenue and Main Street, looking northwest. Date of photograph is uncertain, [197-?]. The photographer is likely Henry Kalen.

Kalen, Henry

Waghorn's Guide map and street index

Waghorn's Guide - a small promotional pamphlet published by J.R. Waghorn in 1895. The pamphlet contains a street map of Winnipeg, a street index, and advertisements for various Winnipeg businesses including the Clarendon Hotel, the Redwood Brewery, and the Massey-Harris Company. The map shows the old City of Winnipeg from the Red River on the east to Waverly, Aubrey, and McPhillips Streets on the west, and from Athole Avenue (now Luxton Avenue) in the north to Parker Avenue in the south. Southern Elmwood, Old St. Boniface, and Norwood are also shown on the east side of the river. Railway lines are in black and electric street railway lines are in red.

Buses picking up passengers outside City Hall

Photograph of several buses in front of City Hall. One, bound for Portage Avenue and Polo Park, is picking up passengers. The photo is marked "One-way Street" and includes a cut line that reads "...gave way to the new". On the photo's reverse, the make and model of the bus is detailed as follows: Make - GMC, Model - TDH 5301, Year - 1960, Seat Capacity - 51. Photographer is unknown.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.). Information Officer

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