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Forms part of Series 54. Subseries consists of minutes for the Committee on Finance, a standing committee of Council. The minutes of the Finance Committee contain a wide range of information relating to works undertaken by the City, employment practices, contract administration and policy implementation. Minutes of the Finance Committee also contain financial information for all other committees, which were required to report to the Finance Committee on any budget items. Indexes are included.

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Forms part of Series 176. Subseries consists of Communications packfiles of the Committee on Public Utilities, as well as Communications records of the Committee on Utilities and Personnel which was formed in 1960 to perform the combined functions of the then former Committees on Public Utilities and Personnel and Legislation. Communications files contain letters sent and received, blueprints, and reports relating to city utilities and local improvements.

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Forms part of Series 179. Series consists of the communications packfiles of the Committee on Public Safety. Records include letters sent and received, plans, photographs, petitions, reports, printed copies of by-laws, and reports on transit routes.

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Forms part of Series 181. Subseries consists of local improvement registers of the Committee on Public Works and its predecessors for the years 1892-1950. These include Pavement and Sewer registers, Grading registers, Alignment and Building Restriction registers, Lane Opening register, and Street and Lane registers. Registers contain information about who petitioned for improvements, where work was done, types of materials used, and newspaper advertisements for intention and date of construction.

Registers are accompanied by original alphabetical indexes. Registers usually reference street names, and may also include order numbers which correspond with work order files.

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Subseries consists of proclamations issued by the office of Mayor Stephen Juba and related documentation, including correspondence and newspaper clippings (1958-1971). Not all of the proclamations are final or official copies, as many are unsigned and some only exist in draft form. Gordon Tucker created the design for proclamations released at this time.

The Mayor's Office issued proclamations to mark special events as well as to recognize and honour individuals, groups, organizations, industries, and achievements. Although the practice is ongoing, the issuing of proclamations no longer occurs on a regular basis.

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ATC By-laws

Forms part of Fonds 1, Series 154. Sub-Series consists of traffic by-laws, including annotated and/or consolidated versions of by-laws no. 14213 and 14932 (1936-1947).

Series is arranged numerically (or chronologically by date of creation). All by-laws were kept in their original books.

WTC Correspondence

Forms part of Fonds 1, Series 155. Series consists of all surviving correspondence for the City of Winnipeg Traffic Commission (1954-1971). Files include copies of by-laws, traffic regulations, reports, and other correspondence.

Series is arranged according to original order.

Scrapbook [1956 flood clippings]

Subseries consists of a scrapbook assembled by the City Engineering Department to document the 1956 flood. It contains clippings from newspapers like the Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Tribune. Clippings start February 25, 1956 and end May 7, 1956.

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Forms part of Series 1. Subseries consists of minutes for the Committee on Public Health and Welfare, a standing committee of Council. Committee responsibilities changed periodically over the years. As well, the name of the committee changed several times, and this is reflected in the minutes. Minutes typically follow a Council year, as standing committees were struck at the first meeting of each new Council.

1876-1878Board of Health
1879-1882Health, Relief and Cemetery Committee
1883-1886Committee on Health and Relief
1887-1905Health, Market and License Committee (sometimes Market, License and Health Committee)
1905-1908Public Health Committee
1909-1957Committee on Health
1958-1971Committee on Public Health and Welfare

Winnipeg Housing Company Limited

Forms part of Series 11, Fonds 1. Subseries consists of minutes, communications, reports, speeches, incorporation papers, blueprints for a demonstration home, photographs of the demonstration home, and requests for information from citizens interested in city built homes. The records were created or received by Alderman R. A. Sara in his capacity as Secretary-Treasurer of the Winnipeg Housing Company Limited, a company created by the City to facilitate construction of low cost housing. The records are in chronological order (requests for information from citizens are in alphabetical order).

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Standing and Special Committees Minutes

Forms part of Series 26, Fonds 1. Subseries consists of minutes of the Standing Committees of the Public Parks Board for the City of Winnipeg: the Finance Committee, Boulevards and Tree Committee, Parks Committee, Cemetery Committee, Recreation Committee and Golf Committee. It also contains Special or sub-committee minutes which addressed specific issues.

Scrapbook [1950 flood photographs]

Subseries consists of a scrapbook assembled by the City Engineering Department to serve as photographic evidence of the 1950 flood. It contains black and white photographs that mostly document flooding in residential areas near the Red River (Fort Rouge, Riverview, North End, Point Douglas, Crescentwood, Armstrong's Point and others). Scrapbook appears to be organized geographically by area and street. In addition to documenting flooding, the photographs provide a detailed record of residential neighbourhoods, houses, streets, and businesses like corner grocery stores and laundries. All photographs were taken by Harold K. White Studio.

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Metro, By-laws, Volumes.

Sub-series consists of by-laws bound into volumes, with each volume containing between 200 and 400 by-laws. Supporting documents referenced in by-laws are not always included in the volumes.

Records consist of a complete set of volumes numbered from 1 to 9. By-laws are arranged in numerical order. Oversized records are not always included in the set but can be found in sub-series 1.

For a more detailed description, see volume list.

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Forms part of Series 1. Subseries consists of Health Department Reports submitted to the Committee on Public Health and Welfare. Reports are present for every year with the exception of 1932, for which there are no surviving reports. Annual reports appear for every year except 1939-1947, however complete monthly reports are present for that entire period, and beyond. A monthly periodical, Bulletin, was issued by the Department of Public Health beginning in August, 1911 and continued until at least 1921; copies are present 1911-1918. Photographs are plentiful in the volumes for 1908-1926. Special Reports reflect the health concerns of the time, and include research which was compiled to address health and welfare issues. The name of the department changed periodically over the years:

1908-1918Department of Public Health
1919-1928City Health Department
1929-1938Health Department
1939-1952City Health Department
1953-1971Health Department.

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