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Committee on Public Health and Welfare

Forms part of Fonds 1. The duties of the Committee on Public Health and Welfare were: to consider and report to Council on matters pertaining to public health, sanitation, licensing, public markets and weigh houses, comfort stations, and some library matters; to report to Council on the work of the Health Department after its formation in 1900; to act as an agent for the Dominion and/or Provincial governments; to liaise with agencies outside of Winnipeg that received or provided services; and to assist persons on social assistance to find employment.

The minutes, communications and reports of the Committee on Public Health and Welfare and the City of Winnipeg Health Department trace decision making, program administration and fiscal accountability of the City for the provision of services under Committee jurisdiction.

The records consist of three sub-series:

Sub-Series 1:Minutes, 1876-1971

Sub-Series 2:Committee on Public Health and Welfare Communications, 1874-1971. Files arranged variously in chronological or file number order.

Sub-Series 3:Reports, Monthly and Annual, Health Department, 1908-1968.

Winnipeg (Man.). Committee on Public Health and Welfare

Election Records

Forms part of Fonds 1: Series consists of records created, accumulated and used by the City Clerk's Department to run elections for Mayor, Councilors and School Trustees and to record the vote on money by-laws, referenda and plebiscites. The records document the development of election processes including those designed to implement proportional representation in 1920; disputes regarding the counting of the vote and judicial recounts; nomination papers and oaths of office; staffing of election polls; preparation of voters lists; sample posters, ballots and other documentation created to facilitate the electoral process; and voters lists.

The records consist of three sub-series:

Sub-Series 4:Nominations and Results, 1874-1970

Sub-Series 5: Election Working Papers, 1874-1970

Sub-Series 6:Voters Lists, 1881-1970

Winnipeg (Man.). City Clerk's Department

Special Committee on Post-War Reconstruction

Forms part of Fonds 1. The series consists of communications relating to project identification, coordination and planning for post-war reconstruction within the City of Winnipeg. The records are in three folders labeled A49, A49(2) and A49(3). Communications are arranged in chronological order.

File code (creator): A49.

Winnipeg (Man.). Special Committee on Post-War Reconstruction

Special Committees, Minutes

Forms part of Fonds 1: Series consists of bound minute books for special committees struck by Council. The minute books are chronological and each one contains minutes for multiple special committees active during a given timeframe. In most volumes, a list of special committees and their respective page numbers are recorded on the first few pages of the volume. Not all special committees appear in volume listings and not all page references are complete. Most special committees have associated correspondence and working papers in addition to minutes. These records are separate from minutes. From about 1924 onward, special committees and their associated files were assigned an alpha-numeric code beginning with the letter "A".

Council established special committees to investigate and manage various projects, issues and questions placed before the City. Special committees were typically struck by a Council motion that outlined committee composition and responsibilities, and permanently adjourned once the issue had been resolved or referred to Council with a recommended course of action.

Winnipeg (Man.)

St. James - Winnipeg Airport Commission

Forms part of Fonds 1. The series documents the development of Stevenson Field, which later became the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Records consist of communications, plans and agreements relating to the development of the airport, operation of the airport by Transport Canada, and eventual transfer of control to the Winnipeg Airports Authority Inc. in 1997. An Index to File Numbers is included. Records were organized alphabetically by subject, each of which was assigned a number, and files were organized in file number order (in practice, the letter "A" precedes the file number). Files with no file number follow those with file numbers.

St. James - Winnipeg Airport Commission

City Engineer

Part of City of Winnipeg (1874-1971) fonds. Series consists of records created and maintained by the City Engineer and Engineering Department.

Better Housing Commission

Forms part of Fonds 1. Series documents implementation of The Minimum Standard of Housing By-law through the Better Housing Commission. Records consist of Orders of Non-Conformance to owners of residences, appeals made by building owners, and letters regarding decisions on appeals made by the Commission. The records are generally in chronological order, but not entirely. Some documents with various dates were originally stapled together as cases were heard at specific meetings.

Winnipeg (Man.). Better Housing Commission

Special Committee on Street Railway Transportation Matters

Forms part of Fonds 1. Series consists of communications, rough minutes, publicity and reports relating to the City of Winnipeg's intention to lease or purchase the Winnipeg Electric Company, the Suburban Rapid Transit Co., the Winnipeg, Selkirk and Lake Winnipeg Railway Co., the Manitoba Power Co., and the Northwestern Power Co.; issues arising out of the Greater Winnipeg Transit Bill before the provincial legislature; issues arising out of Municipal and Public Utility Board reports on passenger transportation in Greater Winnipeg; competition between taxicabs and the street railway system; and the Winnipeg Electric Company's proposal for a new transportation franchise. The records are arranged in chronological order with some folders relating specifically to publicity.

File code (creator): A9.

Winnipeg (Man.). Special Committee on Street Railway Transportation Matters

Special Committee on Housing Conditions

Forms part of Fonds 1. The series consists of communications, reports and plans created and received by the Special Committee on Housing Conditions between 1933 and 1957. Included are reports and publications regarding housing issues in Winnipeg and other jurisdictions, records of the Winnipeg Housing Company Limited, minutes and report of the Fact Finding Board of 1947, reports of the Emergency Housing Department, and numerous architectural and site plans for proposed housing projects. The file code for this special committee was A19 (missing are volumes 2-11).

The records consist of 3 sub-series:

Sub-Series 18:Winnipeg Housing Company Limited, 1931-1945
Sub-Series 19:Fact Finding Board in Respect of Housing in General in Winnipeg, 1947
Sub-Series 20:Communications, 1941-1957

Winnipeg (Man.). Special Committee on Housing Conditions

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