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Advisory and Planning Commission

Forms part of Fonds 12. The St. Boniface Advisory and Planning Commission, established as provided in Section 13 of the Town Planning Act, functioned from 1958 to 1971. The Commission was comprised of 7 members, 2 members from Council, and 5 citizens appointed by the Council. The Commission investigated and reported to Council on all matters related to the location and design of any public building, park, parkway, boulevard, street, land, playground, public grounds, housing scheme or other similar development, or any change thereto. In addition to its advisory duties, the Commission acted as a board of adjustment on zoning matters. The Commission’s recommendations were passed on to City Council for approval. In the vast majority of cases Council approved their recommendations.

The Commission was given free reign as to its rules of procedure and was expected to keep a record of its proceedings. The first secretary to the Commission from its inception in the fall of 1958 to the end of 1958 was the City Clerk, Maurice Prud’homme. On 3 December 1958, Fernand Marion was appointed secretary and served until the Commission disbanded in 1971 following the entry of St. Boniface into Unicity.

Series consists of case files arranged alphabetically by applicant name and administrative files including correspondence and minutes – minutes are incomplete.

St. Boniface (Man.)

Public Works

Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of correspondence and working papers of the Superintendent of Public Works for the City of St. Boniface.

St. Boniface (Man.)

Local Improvements

Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of records of the Local Improvements Department in the City of St. Boniface. The records document a variety of subject matter including local improvements, Public Works Programme, Capital Works Programme, general correspondence and petitions. In addition,there are files from 1956 to 1971 arranged alphabetically by street name and local improvement project being performed.

St. Boniface (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of agreements between the Rural Municipality, Town or City of St. Boniface with various parties. The agreements cover a wide spectrum of transactions: chattel mortgages, major construction contracts for public works projects, grants of easements, entertainment for Centennial Evening, leases or purchases of city owned properties, etc. Various lawyers or law firms retained as City Solicitors executed the agreements.

Agreements are filed numerically (or chronologically by date of creation) in two sets of documents, each of which begins with Agreement No. 1. A large number of agreements are in the form of tri-fold documents. Agreements for major local improvements are flat files and were housed in file folders. The numerical sequence has been retained, however, the tri-fold documents are at the beginning of the file list and the flat files follow.

St. Boniface (Man.)

City Solicitor

Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of correspondence and working papers of the City Solicitor for St. Boniface. The records document a wide variety of subject matter, including charter revisions, claims against the city, land and property matters, issues relating to rail transportation, social welfare and hospital cases.

Most of the records are in subject files and are generally in chronological order. In addition to subject files, there are files labeled “General Correspondence” that cover the period 1933 through to 1971. Each of these files contains correspondence on a variety of issues.

The social welfare files, 1934-1954, contain correspondence and case histories presented before the St. Boniface Juvenile Court for children in care; correspondence, case histories and decisions rendered by the Municipal Commissioner for hospitalization and expenses including liens for repayment; correspondence and case histories under the Wives and Children's Maintenance Act and the Child Welfare Act; correspondence and case histories regarding children under the care of the Children's Aid Society of Eastern Manitoba. The hospital file, 1937-1952, includes case histories as well as correspondence regarding actions by the City of St. Boniface to collect on delinquent hospital accounts.

St. Boniface (Man.)

Library Board

Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of a petition for the establishment of a library in St. Boniface, correspondence regarding the proposed library system and minutes of meetings of the Library Board.

St. Boniface (Man.)

Municipal Manuals

Forms part of Fonds 2: Series continues Series 27, after the formation of Unicity. No manual was printed in 1972. The series consists of publications produced by the City Clerk’s Department on an annual basis until 1996, after which time it was produced after each General Civic Election. Information was gathered from city departments and consists of a broad range of data, past and present, reflecting Winnipeg’s political and administrative structure and general activities under the city’s jurisdiction. Every issue contains historical facts, election results, a description of Council, appointments to Standing and Special Committees and Public Boards, descriptions of civic departments and statistics on services delivered by the City. The current publication is available online.

Winnipeg (Man.). City Clerk's Department


Forms part of Fonds 2. Series continues from Series 173, and consists of by-laws for the City of Winnipeg following its amalgamation with the municipalities in 1972. By-laws are municipal laws that were passed or amended by the City Council. By-laws relate to City land development, regulations, local improvements, street names/openings/closings, authorization of agreements, finance/taxation, governance/administration, and amendments to previous by-laws.

Community and Race Relations Committee

Forms part of Fonds 2. Series contains records that were created, received, and managed by the Community and Race Relations Committee and its predecessors during their operations. Common record types in this series include correspondence, reports, copy of minutes, press releases, and case files.

Winnipeg (Man.). Community and Race Relations Committee


Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of minutes and agendas for the Council of the Rural Municipality of Charleswood. Inaugural, regular, and special meetings of Council are recorded as well as the meetings of related bodies, such as the Court of Revision and in later years Public Works. Minutes of various committees, including the Town Planning Advisory Committee (1968-1971) and Centennial Committee (1969-1970) also appear. Some files contain other textual materials.

When possible, records were removed from bound volumes and placed in folders. Series is arranged chronologically with the contents of files 27-51 appearing in reverse chronological order.

Charleswood (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of all surviving by-laws for the Rural Municipality of Charleswood (no. 1 to no. 1779*). These documents authorized and regulated the activities of Council and the running of municipal affairs. Included are agreements and contracts, urban plans, and additional textual records. By-laws were subject to provincial legislation and therefore orders of approval issued by the Municipal and Public Utility Board and, after 1959, the Municipal Board of Manitoba regularly appear.

Records were removed from bound volumes and placed in folders. By-laws are filed numerically (or chronologically by date of creation) with the contents of files 59-88 appearing in reverse chronological order.

*Missing no. 32, 84, 93, 100-141, 143-144, 156-151, 153-220, 222-226, 228-234, 236-244, 246-264, 266-299, 383, 389-391, 396, 407, 424-425, 429, 452, 522, 579, 763, 795, 802, 818, 824, 834, 853, 861-869, 936, 1046, 1102, 1125, 1128, 1351.

Charleswood (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of a set of agreements organized numerically by the Rural Municipality of Charleswood (no. 1 to 102; missing are 32 and 65). The agreements document various transactions ranging from the RM's incorporation to the purchasing or leasing of supplies and equipment. Included are agreements and related records (correspondence, urban plans, etc.) with individuals, local clubs, and other entities such as the City of Winnipeg. Common records include easement and lease agreements, employment and service contracts, and documents pertaining to public works or the regulation of municipal affairs.

Agreements are filed in a numerical sequence that begins in an ad hoc order and later becomes chronological. Both documents and their original sleeves have been placed into folders.

Charleswood (Man.)

Development Agreements

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of development agreements between the Rural Municipality of Charleswood and various developers like Parklands Limited, Quality Construction, Suzuki Brothers, etc. It documents transactions related to residential development and other projects, including the construction of the Westdale Recreational Centre. File contents are predominantly textual (agreements, correspondence, etc.) but contain numerous urban plans as well. Some of the files remained active after the 1971 amalgamation and appear to have been copied and/or maintained by the City Clerk's Department.

Development agreements arranged by archivist into alphabetical order according to developer or project. Agreements between the City of Winnipeg and developers removed.

Charleswood (Man.)

Early Communications and Agreements

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of petitions, agreements, and other early records of the Rural Municipality of Charleswood. Petitions and agreements document local improvements and Council business transactions (leasing and transfer of land, agreements with contractors, appointments, etc.). Other records include applications, bonds, certificates, correspondence, and subdivision regulations. Series represents some of the earliest surviving records of the RM of Charleswood that were grouped together and not placed in other recordkeeping systems.

Items arranged in alphabetical order according to record type. Within each record type, items are arranged chronologically. Some item-level descriptions available.

Charleswood (Man.)

Financial Records

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of all surviving financial reports of the Rural Municipality of Charleswood (Missing year end reports for 1957 and 1958) and financial ledgers. Although the titles and forms vary, each report summarizes the Municipality's financial operations on an annual basis as per the audit function. Interim reports and financial statements appear in few instances. Ledgers document general accounts and local improvements. One volume relates to financial estimates for the years 1963 to 1968.

Series is arranged in two groupings, financial reports and ledgers. When necessary, records were removed from bound volumes and placed in folders. Oversized items housed in separate containers. Items belonging to the City of Winnipeg removed.

Charleswood (Man.)

Assessment and Taxation Records

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of valuation forms and tax sale records that document, in part, the assessment and taxation function of the RM of Charleswood. Valuation forms (1942-1954) were maintained by the assessor and assembled into books according to ward. Tax sale books (1913-1933, 1935-1955) document the selling and purchasing of land in arrears. Certificates, statements, warrants and correspondence were kept as records of later tax sales (1956-1971).

Series is arranged chronologically according to record type. Valuation forms were removed from bound volumes. These books appear first and are followed by tax sale records. Oversized items housed in separate containers.

Charleswood (Man.)

Municipal Aid Records

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of case files and records pertaining to the administration of municipal aid in the Rural Municipality of Charleswood. Municipal aid included such services as social assistance, child welfare, and hospital aid. The scope of the RM's responsibilities with regards to these services was largely defined in provincial legislation (Social Assistance Act 1957, Hospital Services Insurance Act 1958, Social Allowances Act 1959, etc.) and in other places like by-law 1495 (RM of Charleswood). Common record types include correspondence, applications, legal records, reports, statements, relief schedules, and account sheets.

Records appear in four groupings. Case files appear first, followed by records related to general administration; reports, statements, schedules, etc. (records created in the process of seeking financial reimbursement from the Province); correspondence; and account sheets removed by creator from general ledgers. For privacy and access reasons, sensitive correspondence was removed by archivist from the Subject Files series and placed in the Municipal Aid series. Files belonging to the City of Winnipeg removed.

Charleswood (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of photographs collected by the Rural Municipality of Charleswood and not filed in any recordkeeping system. The majority of photographs are aerial shots but series also includes photographs of council members.

Photographs were removed from envelopes and placed in folders by archivist. The original groupings were preserved.

Charleswood (Man.)

Subject Files

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists primarily of both incoming and outgoing correspondence created and maintained by the Rural Municipality of Charleswood. Files relate to the main functions of the RM, including assessment and taxation, town planning, local improvements, public works, elections, municipal aid, etc. Other files document municipal administration and Council business. Many of the records document the intersections between the RM and residents of Charleswood as well as its relationship with other levels of government and both public and private bodies. Other record types include reports, agreements and legal records, petitions, town and building plans, and photographs.

Series appears to have served as the central filing system for the RM of Charleswood. Each file was given a subject heading and arranged in alphabetical order by the creator. Correspondence with individual residents or other entities was often filed by letter (ie: "A" Miscellaneous). This recordkeeping system was repeated every year from 1949-1971 with some files being carried over. Like subject headings brought together by the archivist. Files created after the City's amalgamation in 1972 removed.

Charleswood (Man.)

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