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Metro Local Government Boundaries Commission

The Local Government Boundaries Commission was established by the Provincial Government in 1966 and concluded in 1970. It investigated the local governmental structures within the metropolitan area and identified areas that could be improved. Overall, the commission found that the two-tiered government system functioned well enough to continue. However, the government rejected the Commission’s conclusions were rejected a year after they were published, a decision which led to the creation of Unicity in 1971.

Series consists of correspondence, inter-office memos, submissions, statements, and briefs documenting the commission’s proceedings as they relate to the Metro government.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.)

Metro Comparative Research

Series consists of correspondence, reports, itineraries, and research concerning the study of municipal government in North America and England. This material includes research on Metropolitan Toronto that was compiled in the years leading up to the creation of the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg. Series documents communications between Metro and other Metropolitan governments (Toronto, Montreal, and Dade County, Florida), Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, Greater London Council, and the Corporation of the City of London, England. The governance, administration and public perceptions of these municipalities are recorded as well.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.)

City Surveyor

Series consists of correspondence, all of which relates to personnel matters including recommendations about specific individuals, wages and classifications, employment policies such as the so-called “Slave Pact” implemented after the strike in 1919, seniority lists and related staffing policies and practices.

Winnipeg (Man.). City Surveyor

Minutes and Reports

Forms part of Fonds 15. Series consists of minutes and reports of the Board of Equalization, the Sinking Fund Trustee, the Administration Board and the Board of Commissioners.

Greater Winnipeg Water District


Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of agreements between the Rural Municipality, Town or City of St. Boniface with various parties. The agreements cover a wide spectrum of transactions: chattel mortgages, major construction contracts for public works projects, grants of easements, entertainment for Centennial Evening, leases or purchases of city owned properties, etc. Various lawyers or law firms retained as City Solicitors executed the agreements.

Agreements are filed numerically (or chronologically by date of creation) in two sets of documents, each of which begins with Agreement No. 1. A large number of agreements are in the form of tri-fold documents. Agreements for major local improvements are flat files and were housed in file folders. The numerical sequence has been retained, however, the tri-fold documents are at the beginning of the file list and the flat files follow.

St. Boniface (Man.)

Library Board

Forms part of Fonds 12. Series consists of a petition for the establishment of a library in St. Boniface, correspondence regarding the proposed library system and minutes of meetings of the Library Board.

St. Boniface (Man.)

Election Records

Forms part of Fonds 7. Series consists of voters lists for the Rural Municipality of Charleswood from 1928 to 1969. Voters lists contain the names of all persons in the assessment rolls for the municipality. Not included are lists for the following years: 1913-1927, 1930, 1933-1936, 1939, and 1946. Voters lists are arranged chronologically.

Charleswood (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of a set of agreements organized numerically by the Rural Municipality of Charleswood (no. 1 to 102; missing are 32 and 65). The agreements document various transactions ranging from the RM's incorporation to the purchasing or leasing of supplies and equipment. Included are agreements and related records (correspondence, urban plans, etc.) with individuals, local clubs, and other entities such as the City of Winnipeg. Common records include easement and lease agreements, employment and service contracts, and documents pertaining to public works or the regulation of municipal affairs.

Agreements are filed in a numerical sequence that begins in an ad hoc order and later becomes chronological. Both documents and their original sleeves have been placed into folders.

Charleswood (Man.)

Early Communications and Agreements

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists of petitions, agreements, and other early records of the Rural Municipality of Charleswood. Petitions and agreements document local improvements and Council business transactions (leasing and transfer of land, agreements with contractors, appointments, etc.). Other records include applications, bonds, certificates, correspondence, and subdivision regulations. Series represents some of the earliest surviving records of the RM of Charleswood that were grouped together and not placed in other recordkeeping systems.

Items arranged in alphabetical order according to record type. Within each record type, items are arranged chronologically. Some item-level descriptions available.

Charleswood (Man.)

Subject Files

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists primarily of both incoming and outgoing correspondence created and maintained by the Rural Municipality of Charleswood. Files relate to the main functions of the RM, including assessment and taxation, town planning, local improvements, public works, elections, municipal aid, etc. Other files document municipal administration and Council business. Many of the records document the intersections between the RM and residents of Charleswood as well as its relationship with other levels of government and both public and private bodies. Other record types include reports, agreements and legal records, petitions, town and building plans, and photographs.

Series appears to have served as the central filing system for the RM of Charleswood. Each file was given a subject heading and arranged in alphabetical order by the creator. Correspondence with individual residents or other entities was often filed by letter (ie: "A" Miscellaneous). This recordkeeping system was repeated every year from 1949-1971 with some files being carried over. Like subject headings brought together by the archivist. Files created after the City's amalgamation in 1972 removed.

Charleswood (Man.)

Applications for Building Permits

Forms part of Fonds 3. Series consists primarily of applications for building permits and supporting documents organized by the Rural Municipality of Charleswood into an alphabetical filing system. Architectural drawings, blueprints, sketches and other building plans frequently appear throughout this series. Other records created in the course of the application and review process include inspection records, correspondence, and surveyor's certificates. Permits for plumbing, electrical work, and moving also appear as well as applications for culverts.

Each file is identified by address and, in some cases, name of applicant. Files organized in alphabetical order according to street name then address.

Charleswood (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 4. Series consists of all surviving minutes for the Council of the Rural Municipality of Fort Garry. Both regular and special meetings of Council are recorded, as well as minutes of standing or special committees. Indexes for minutes appear at the beginning of many volumes.

Fort Garry (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 5. Series consists of all surviving by-laws for the Rural Municipality of North Kildonan.

North Kildonan (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 6. Series consists of all surviving minutes for the Council of the Rural Municipality of Old Kildonan. Regular minutes of Council are recorded.

Old Kildonan (Man.)

Council Communications

Forms part of Fonds 1. Series consists of all surviving correspondence directed toward the City Council of Winnipeg via the City Clerk, with the exception of those items of correspondence that were filed with other series at the time of creation and/or use. Correspondence dates from the first year of the City of Winnipeg's incorporation in 1874 until 1971.

Civic employees, citizens of Winnipeg, and any other persons interested in communicating with the municipal government of Winnipeg wrote to City Council on a wide variety of topics, including civic administration (e.g. by-laws, elections, etc.), local improvements and developments (e.g. sanitation, the water supply, schools, parks, streets, traffic, bridges, etc.), invitations to conventions and other events, legal disputes, and assessments and taxation, among other issues.

Originally all correspondence was enclosed in a City Clerk's cover page to form a packet, which was then assigned a number. The packet was then folded twice and placed in pack boxes in chronological order. The numbering scheme was started anew several times over the years.

Winnipeg (Man.). City Council

Election Records

Forms part of Fonds 1: Series consists of records created, accumulated and used by the City Clerk's Department to run elections for Mayor, Councilors and School Trustees and to record the vote on money by-laws, referenda and plebiscites. The records document the development of election processes including those designed to implement proportional representation in 1920; disputes regarding the counting of the vote and judicial recounts; nomination papers and oaths of office; staffing of election polls; preparation of voters lists; sample posters, ballots and other documentation created to facilitate the electoral process; and voters lists.

The records consist of three sub-series:

Sub-Series 4:Nominations and Results, 1874-1970

Sub-Series 5: Election Working Papers, 1874-1970

Sub-Series 6:Voters Lists, 1881-1970

Winnipeg (Man.). City Clerk's Department

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