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Special Committee on Amalgamation

Forms part of Fonds 1. Series consists of detailed reports on responsibilities and staffing complements for all city departments, draft Report of the Special Committee on Survey of Civic Administration and Question of Consolidation of Departments. The departmental reports contain staff lists including years of service and salary by position as well as detailed information on departmental responsibilities.

Winnipeg (Man.). Special Committee on Amalgamation

Election Records

Forms part of Fonds 7. Series consists of Voters Lists for the Town of Tuxedo. Voters lists contain the names of all persons in the assessment rolls for the town. Voters Lists for the following years are missing: 1924-1929, 1933, 1935, 1970 and 1971.

Tuxedo (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 7. Series consists of Minutes for the Council of the Town of Tuxedo. Interfiled with the minutes are various election records including nomination papers and Oaths of Office. Audited statements are included for some years.

Tuxedo (Man.)

Financial Statements

Forms part of Fonds 7. Series consists of all surviving financial statements reflecting the financial operations of the Town of Tuxedo. The auditors’ reports and statements of accounts date from 1914 until the town’s final year as a unique entity, 1971.

Included are Annual Financial Statements and Reports sent to ratepayers with their annual tax bill.

Tuxedo (Man.)

General Correspondence

Forms part of Fonds 7. Series consists of all surviving correspondence directed toward the Town of Tuxedo. The correspondence dates from the first year of the Town of Tuxedo’s incorporation, 1913, until 1974, slightly beyond its final year as a unique entity, 1971. The correspondence covers a wide variety of topics relating to the establishment of the town, health, schools, snow removal and taxation, with the greatest attention given to land development and all related issues. The records are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Included at the end of this series is early correspondence, 1914 to 1947, relating to public works and includes seven agreements.

Tuxedo (Man.)

Election Records

Forms part of Fonds 8. Series consists of Lists of Voters, Lists of Electors, Electors' Rolls, Juror's Lists and general election material and correspondence for the R.M. of East Kildonan and the City of East Kildonan.

East Kildonan (Man.)

Local Improvement Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. Series consists of general and project files documenting local improvements in the Rural Municipality and City of St. Vital (1927-1972). It records the request and approval for local improvements as well as their financing and administration. Common record types include correspondence, account sheets, petitions, drawings, tenders, specifications, bonds, and contracts.

Series arranged into groupings based on like subjects and/or file contents. General files on local improvements and types of local improvements (ie: oiling, paving, sewers, etc.) appear first, followed by petitions and requests. Case files arranged chronologically by street name appear last.

St. Vital (Man.)

Advisory Planning Commission Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. The St. Vital Advisory Planning Commission, established as provided in Section 12A of the Town Planning Act, functioned from 1952 to [1961]. The Commission was comprised of 5 members, 2 members from Council, and 3 citizens appointed by Council. The Commission investigated and reported to Council on all matters related to the location and design of any public building, park, parkway, boulevard, street, land, playground, public grounds, housing scheme or other similar development, or any change thereto. In addition to its advisory duties, the Commission acted as a board of adjustment on zoning matters (See Town Planning Scheme 1951, Chapter 3). It was given free reign as to its rules of procedure and was expected to keep a record of its proceedings. The inaugural meeting was held on October 2, 1952.

Series contains minutes and correspondence files, which include communications with council and customer service records. These files are followed by Town Panning Schemes and related records (correspondence, copies of by-laws, public notices, and urban plans/drawings).

St. Vital (Man.)

Parks Board Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. The Parks Board of St. Vital was authorized by By-law No. 5366 that came into effect on November 7, 1949. With this action, the provisions of Part 9 of Division 3 of the Municipal Act governing the establishment, constitution and procedure of a Public Parks Board were fully adopted and applied. The Parks Board comprised a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer and six other resident members.

Series consists of the records of the Parks Board of St. Vital and appears in three main groupings. Financial statements and reports appear first, followed by correspondence that includes both general and project files; drawings of parks and park-related projects appear last. Copies of minutes and other textual records located with correspondence.

St. Vital (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 25. Series consists of all surviving by-laws for the Rural Municipality of Assiniboia. Included in this series are supporting documents, Debenture By-laws, Misc. By-laws, agreements, and numbered indexes.

Assiniboia (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 11. Series consists of by-laws for Town and City of Transcona.

Transcona (Man.)

Election Records

Forms part of Fonds 11. Series consists of voters lists for the Town of Transcona for the years 1938, 1940-1969, and 1971.

Transcona (Man.)

Communications Division

Forms part of Fonds 24. Series C consists of records created for the promotion and documentation of the 2002 NAIG in the years 1994-2002. The Series includes photographs and logos for posters, audio and video advertisements, scripts for speeches, and records relating to Aboriginal advertising venues and media.

North American Indigenous Games Host Society (Winnipeg), Inc.

Committee on Public Utilities

Forms part of Fonds 1. Series consists of the minutes and communications of the Committee on Public Utilities, a standing committee of Council.

The records consist of two subseries:

Subseries 32: Minutes, 1921-1957, 1960-1971.

Subseries 33: Communications, 1920 -1971.

Winnipeg (Man.). Committee on Public Utilities

Joint Committee on Vacant Lands Settlement

Series consists of the June 18, 1888 Report of the Secretary of the Joint Committee on Colonization of the City Council and Board of Trade; June 16, 1888 Report of Mr. McNee, Agent; June 15, 1888 Report of Mr. Woods, Agent; June 14, 1888 Report of Mr. Smith, Agent at Station. The reports provide details regarding the agent's work, places visited, and the volume of materials distributed.

Winnipeg (Man.). Joint Committee on Vacant Lands Settlement

Special Committees, Minutes

Forms part of Fonds 1: Series consists of bound minute books for special committees struck by Council. The minute books are chronological and each one contains minutes for multiple special committees active during a given timeframe. In most volumes, a list of special committees and their respective page numbers are recorded on the first few pages of the volume. Not all special committees appear in volume listings and not all page references are complete. Most special committees have associated correspondence and working papers in addition to minutes. These records are separate from minutes. From about 1924 onward, special committees and their associated files were assigned an alpha-numeric code beginning with the letter "A".

Council established special committees to investigate and manage various projects, issues and questions placed before the City. Special committees were typically struck by a Council motion that outlined committee composition and responsibilities, and permanently adjourned once the issue had been resolved or referred to Council with a recommended course of action.

Winnipeg (Man.)

Municipal Manuals

Forms part of Fonds 1: Series consists of publications produced by the City Clerk's Department on an annual basis. Information was gathered from city departments and includes a broad range of data, past and present, reflecting Winnipeg's political and administrative structure and general activities under the City's jurisdiction. Volumes contain historical facts, election results, a description of Council, appointments to Standing and Special Committees and Public Boards, descriptions of civic departments and statistics on services delivered by the City. The first issue in 1904 consisted of only 20 pages. The manual changed over the years and grew in size as new material was added. The series continues after the formation of Unicity in 1972.

Winnipeg (Man.). City Clerk's Department

Special Committee on Investigation of the Fire Department

Forms part of Fonds 1. Series consists of communications and detailed reports regarding staffing levels and equipment in use by the Fire Department during this period, as well as the availability and pressure of water required to fight fires in various districts of the City. The file includes: a 1916 report on domestic water supply; copy of recommendations following the Stovel fire in 1916; copy of recommendations following the Enderton fire of 1918; blank application for employment with the Fire Department; transcript of meeting held in March of 1920 with statements from firemen who had been dismissed for going out on strike in 1919; departmental organization chart; map sheets showing location of water supply (in poor condition); detailed drawing of sewer structure. The records are contained in one folder and are in chronological order.

Winnipeg (Man.). Special Committee on Investigation of the Fire Department

Metro Council Minutes

Series consists of bound council minutes that record council motions related to by-laws, communications, appointments as well as the establishment and regulation of committees and functions regarding parks, water, public transportation, civil defence, planning and assessment, and others.

The volumes are arranged chronologically. In most cases, two books were produced annually documenting meetings held between January and June and July and December. Meeting minutes from 1960 begin with Metro’s inaugural meeting held on November 1 of that year and continues to the end of June. An index can be found in the first book of a given year. With the exception of the 1963 minutes, each volume has a number printed on its spine. The first four volumes are assigned numbers I to IV. Beginning in 1964, each book documenting the period from January to June is annually identified as “book 1” and followed by “book 2” for the July to December period.

The records consist of one complete set of original and signed meeting minutes and one sub-series.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.)

Metro Committee Files

Series consists of reports, correspondence, plans, promotional materials, unbound meeting minutes, and proposals created and kept by Metro committees and sub-committees, as well as liaison committees formed between Metro and external organizations. Series documents activities related to sinking funds, retirement, property, grants administration, development of a Metropolitan police force, Pan-Am Games, Canadian centennial (1967) and provincial centennial (1970).

Most records are arranged by committee or sub-committee and then in reverse-chronological order to reflect the original order as maintained by Metro’s Executive Director and Chairman of Council. As various committees were responsible for centennial planning and shared certain functions, their records were compiled into thematic folders. Consequently, files related to both the provincial and federal centennial maintain this organization, rather than the committee-based organization found throughout the rest of the series.

Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg (Man.)

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