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City of Winnipeg Archives City of St. Vital
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Local Improvement Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. Series consists of general and project files documenting local improvements in the Rural Municipality and City of St. Vital (1927-1972). It records the request and approval for local improvements as well as their financing and administration. Common record types include correspondence, account sheets, petitions, drawings, tenders, specifications, bonds, and contracts.

Series arranged into groupings based on like subjects and/or file contents. General files on local improvements and types of local improvements (ie: oiling, paving, sewers, etc.) appear first, followed by petitions and requests. Case files arranged chronologically by street name appear last.

St. Vital (Man.)


Forms part of Fonds 10. Series consists of all surviving minutes for the Council of the Rural Municipality and City of St. Vital; missing are minutes from 1912 to 1920. Both regular and special meetings of Council are recorded as well as recommendations and/or minutes of the Court of Revision and various standing committees.

Indexes for minutes (1918-1936) appear at beginning of series, followed by minute books. When possible, records were removed from bound volumes and placed in folders. Series is arranged chronologically.

St. Vital (Man.)

Municipal Solicitor Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. Series consists of files documenting communications between the Municipal Solicitor and the Rural Municipality and City of St Vital. It records the interpretation and application of law in a variety of municipal affairs, such as council matters, court cases, social welfare and hospital accounts, land and property issues, etc. Most files appear to have been created and maintained at the municipal office. Common record types include correspondence, agreements, copies and drafts of by-laws, court documents, and others.

Series includes groupings based on like subject headings. All groupings have a similar provenance with the exception of files labeled “St. Vital” that were likely assembled by the law firm McDonald & Dunham. Other firms hired by the municipality were Hough, Campbell & Ferguson and Newman, MacLean & Associates.

St. Vital (Man.)

Parks Board Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. The Parks Board of St. Vital was authorized by By-law No. 5366 that came into effect on November 7, 1949. With this action, the provisions of Part 9 of Division 3 of the Municipal Act governing the establishment, constitution and procedure of a Public Parks Board were fully adopted and applied. The Parks Board comprised a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary-Treasurer and six other resident members.

Series consists of the records of the Parks Board of St. Vital and appears in three main groupings. Financial statements and reports appear first, followed by correspondence that includes both general and project files; drawings of parks and park-related projects appear last. Copies of minutes and other textual records located with correspondence.

St. Vital (Man.)

Subject Files

Forms part of Fonds 10. Series consists primarily of both incoming and outgoing correspondence created and maintained by the Rural Municipality and City of St. Vital. Files document communications and transactions between St. Vital and various parties (ie: residents, businesses, local clubs and associations, and other governments) as well as municipal administration and council business. Reports, agreements, briefs, petitions, town and building plans, and copies of minutes also appear in this series.

Series appears to have served as the central filing system for St. Vital. Most files created on the basis of subject or office of primary importance and arranged in alphabetical order. Large file groupings assembled on the Elm Park Bridge, Offers to Purchase, Province of Manitoba, Flood, Schools and Tenders as well as other records with a similar provenance were put back into this series. General correspondence with residents often filed by letter according to name of sender or recipient.

Recordkeeping appears haphazard with most files dating from the fifties and sixties and others going back to the twenties, possibly indicating previous appraisal(s). Files created after the City’s amalgamation in 1972 removed.

St. Vital (Man.)

Valuation Forms

Forms part of Fonds 10. Series consists of valuation and census forms that document, in part, the property assessment function. Forms are initialed by the assessor and record details about the property and the occupants, including outlines of buildings, name and occupation of owners and tenants, assessed value of land and buildings, etc.

Series contains valuation files (1938-1947) and valuation books (1948-1957) that were organized according to township or plan. Books were taken apart and their contents placed in folders.

St. Vital (Man.)

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