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Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department
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St. James Parks and recreational activities

Sub-series consists of photographs and textual records that were kept in photo albums to document celebrations in Wightman Green, Benjaminsen, Bourkvale, and Bruce Parks for their openings, naming and dedications.

Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department

Departmental work

Photos taken of parks, playgrounds, play structures, recreational spaces, and open green space around Winnipeg for projects and working activities of the Public Works Department and its predecessors.

Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department

Parks and landmarks

Photos of Exhibition Park, Triangle Park, Old City Hall, New City Hall, the Horse Show Ampitheatre, and Portage and Main in Winnipeg. All of these parks and landmarks either do not exist anymore, or have changed significantly. Photocopies of Exhibition Park show where it was located between Selkirk, Jarvis, and McPhilips Streets and served as an entertainment event and industrial fair. It had a variety of circus activities, Ferris wheel, art, a stampede, games, and music for the public to enjoy from 1891 until the 1920s. Triangle Park, also known as Odeon Park, was previously located in the Exchange District. City Hall photographs depict the old "Gingerbread" City Hall and the City Hall that replaced it, as it is seen today. The Horse Show Ampitheatre is a copy of a postcard showing the exterior of the Ampitheatre. The last photo is an aerial photograph of Portage Avenue and Main Street with surrounding downtown area.

Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department

Assiniboine Park

Photos of Assiniboine Park, including the old Pavilion, English Gardens, Duck Pond, cricket players and the cricket pavilion, band stand, Boy with the Boot Statue, conservatory, bear enclosure, and other recreational activities.

Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department

Public Works digital transfers

Consists of digital photographs, videos, and media produced by the City of Winnipeg Public Works Department that came on data DVDs, Video DVDs, and CDs. Digital content is about parks, open spaces, recreational spaces, the annual Communities in Bloom Program and other city services such as street cleaning.

Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department

Public Works Photograph collection

  • c00019
  • Collection
  • [ca. 1900]-2014

Consists of analogue and digital records donated by the City of Winnipeg’s Public Works Department with ca. 2000 photographs including slides, negatives, and polaroids. Many photos capture public parks, boulevards, streets, and playgrounds created for the daily functions of the department including presentations, research, and documentation. Photo albums created by municipal parks boards such as the St. James Parks Board before Winnipeg amalgamation were collected by Public Works and depict the parks created and maintained by the St. James Parks Board. Other historical photos and prints of public parks, and recreational activities were collected for research and display purposes.

Winnipeg (Man.). Public Works Department