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Winnipeg (Man.). Committee on Legislation and Reception Subseries
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Sub-series consists of minutes and indexes to the minutes for the Committee on Legislation and Reception, a standing committee of Council. Minutes record members present at meetings, communications received from the public, Council or other committees and action taken.

In some years the index and the minutes are in the same volume and in separate volumes for some years.

Winnipeg (Man.). Committee on Legislation and Reception


Series consists of the communications packfiles of the Committee on Legislation and Reception, and Committee on Personnel and Legislation, as the Committee was later named. Records include letters sent and received by the Committees, reports of committees, files on royal visits, copies of telegrams, petitions about adult suffrage, nominations for Employees' representative on the Employer-Employee Advisory Board.

Legislation files typically consist of correspondence with City Council and the provincial government and occasionally with the governments of other jurisdictions in Canada as well as draft copies of legislation and correspondence with members of the public.

Personnel files include staffing and salary recommendations from City departments, negotiations with unions as well as various reports on employee salaries and working conditions. These include information about specific employees as well as about general positions and job classes.

Files relating to receptions may include correspondence with visitors, invoices from suppliers, programs and menus, photographs, architectural drawings or artefacts such as buttons and ribbons.

In 1958 the duties of the Committee on Personnel and Legislation were taken over by the Committee on Finance. In 1960 the Standing Committee on Utilities and Personnel was formed by By-Law 18236 to perform the combined functions of the former Committee on Personnel and Legislation and Committee on Public Works.

Winnipeg (Man.). Committee on Legislation and Reception